Introducing Artisan Assist Salesforce® App

Artisan Assist™ is now available!

Artisan announces the immediate availability of the “Artisan Assist” application from the Salesforce® AppExchange.   If you need help with Salesforce beyond the skill or capacity of your internal team then install this app today by clicking here.

What problem does Artisan Assist solve?

Salesforce Customers needing to extend functionality sometimes lack the necessary skill or capacity within their internal IT team.  Contracting a Salesforce Partner works well for larger engagements but is cumbersome if only a few days of assistance are needed.  Salesforce Premier Support can be utilised if licensed but only for configuration tasks which don’t require development.  Informal requests for help over email or phone lack traceability recording who asked for help and who approved the delivery timeframe and cost.  Providing access to your Salesforce environment can use a valuable licence which may not be available.

Artisan Assist provides a light-weight process for requesting assistance with Salesforce without these constraints.  Authorised users don’t need to leave the Salesforce environment to ask for help.  Assistance requests are stored as Salesforce data providing full traceability over who asked for what, when and why.  You grant access to your Salesforce environment in the same way as you might grant access to Salesforce Help and Support without using an internal license.

How does Artisan Assist work?

To request help (after installing the app) select the Artisan Assist app from the App Launcher and create a new Assistance Request.  After describing what you need help with click the button to request an estimate.  Then Artisan will estimate the time and cost to deliver the outcomes you are looking for.  If needed there is a Q&A function to allow you, or PS+C Artisan, to ask questions seeking clarification.  Only after you accept the estimate and provide access will work begin.

The status of the Assistance Request reflects where it is in the process.  Once the work is complete the status is changed requesting you to test the outcomes and accept the work as having been completed.

What does Artisan Assist cost?

The Artisan Assist app costs A$99 per year per org (site-wide license) with this fee being credited against the cost of the first Assistance Request you pay for in the subscription year.  You have a 30-day free trial after installation.

If you use the Artisan Assist service it ends up being free to install and use the app.

The cost to deliver each Assistance Request is estimated on a case-by-case basis.

What sort of assistance can I request?

Whilst Artisan Assist is primarily aimed at requesting smaller work items, you can also use the app to request project/program delivery services, or long-term resource augmentation services.  In short, if you need help with your Salesforce environment, the Artisan Assist service can help.

Longer-term engagements will be billed monthly on a time and materials basis.

How do I get started?

After you install the Artisan Assist app and request your first Assistance Request be estimated, Artisan will provide you with a straight-forward Master Services Agreement (MSA) for electronic signature.

Once the MSA is signed and you accept the estimate provided for an Assistance Request, the Artisan team will complete the work requested.

Artisan will provide an invoice after you accept the work as having been completed.

In what countries is the Artisan Assist service available?

As the Artisan Assist app is based on Salesforce it does not matter where in the world you are based.

Assistance Requests will be delivered either by the Artisan team based in Australia or their off-shore team based in the Philippines.

If your preference is for resources based in a different locality then Artisan can sub-contract the work to other Salesforce partners who are based in your country, region or city.

The initial version of the Artisan Assist app operates in English only.

Find Artisan Assist in the AppExchange

You can install Artisan Assist from the Salesforce AppExchange using this link.

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