Australia has the Most-Skilled Salesforce Workforce in the World

Australia has the most experienced Salesforce workforce across all the countries represented in Artisan Hub which have over 500 Certified Salesforce Professionals.

About Artisan Hub

Artisan Hub is a service made available by Artisan (an Australian-based Platinum Tier Salesforce Consulting Partner) for the global community of Certified Salesforce Professionals. Artisan Hub seeks to encourage ongoing education and certification related to Salesforce.

Today (31 August 2020) Artisan Hub is tracking the progress of 90,787 Salesforce Certified Professionals who have in total 297,598 current Salesforce Certificates and reside in 112 different countries

Each Salesforce Certified Professional tracked by Artisan Hub is assigned a Total Point Score based on their current certificates and how long these have been held. This score is used to construct a leaderboard for each country, state/province and city, and across the globe. Artisan Hub also tracks the number of each type of credential across these geographic dimensions.

How is the Country Score Calculated?

Each Salesforce Certified Professional is assigned a total point score which reflects the number of credentials they hold and how long they have had them.

This total points score is then averaged by country to reflect, on average, how experienced Certified Professionals are in that country.

Australia is the #1 country for Salesforce Expertise in the world when considering the top 15 countries all of which have 500 or more Salesforce Certified Professionals being tracked by Artisan Hub.

What does it mean?

If you are going to engage a Salesforce Partner to deploy Salesforce in your organisation you will, on average, get higher levels of experience if you engage a partner from Australia, than from partners in countries lower in the list above.

Which Country is the most highly certified on average?

Congratulations to Haiti on being the country with (on average) the mostly highly certified Salesforce workforce.

Haiti has an average score of 69.02 which puts them at the top of the list.

There is only one Salesforce Certified Professional being tracked in Artisan Hub who is based in Haiti!

Who are the leaders in your Country / State / City?

If you are a Certified Salesforce Professional and would like to know more about the regional statistics in your locality you can request your personal ranking report by sending an email to with the subject line containing the email address with which you can be found in the Salesforce Certification Verification site.

About Artisan

Artisan is a Platinum Tier Salesforce Consulting Partner based in Melbourne Australia.

The average points score of Salesforce Certified Professionals on the Artisan is team is twice the national average.

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