Artisan Assist

Artisan Assist is a Salesforce® App and Artisan service which enables Salesforce® customers to request assistance without the need for lengthy onboarding or headcount.

How does Artisan Assist help me?

Salesforce® customers often need help to make changes which require capacity or skills beyond what is available through their internal team.

Artisan Assist is a simple and convenient way to ask for help with work items right from within Salesforce® itself.

Requests track who asked for work to be done, who approved the cost to do the work, and who accepted the work as being complete, providing your organisation with complete traceability throughout the process.

Artisan Assist is free for most customers as the annual fee is credited against the cost of the first work order.

Artisan Assist is an easily installed Salesforce® App, allowing you to focus on getting enhancements deployed, rather than onboarding staff or engaging a team of consultants.

How does it work?

Artisan Assist is designed to work within your Salesforce® environment. Simply install the Artisan Assist App and start making work requests from within your Salesforce® instance.

  1. Install the Artisan Assist Salesforce App
  2. Request assistance using the App
  3. Clarify requirements using the Q&A function
  4. Accept the work estimate
  5. Test the outcome is as expected
  6. Approve the work to be deployed
  7. Accept the work as being complete
  8. Receive and pay the PS+C Artisan invoice

The App costs AUD$99 per Salesforce Environment per year. The annual fee is credited against the first work order invoiced in the subscription year, making the App free as long as the Artisan Assist service is used.

Artisan Assist is easily installed from the Salesforce® AppExchange.

Install the Artisan Assist App here.

Artisan Assist Release Notes

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