Artisan Assist Release Notes


Artisan Assist is a service provided by Artisan through which Salesforce customers can request assistance with operational management, configuration and development for their Salesforce environment.

Artisan Assist enables Salesforce Administrators to ask for help with development work beyond their own capability or capacity. Artisan will estimate the effort/cost to complete the work item and proceed only after approval.


What’s New in Version 1.4.10

1.    What’s New

This is the first version published to the Salesforce AppExchange.

2.    Resolved defects since the prior version

Functionality made available to administrators to manually start the scheduled jobs in a sandbox which has been created or refreshed from a production org in which Artisan Assist was installed.


What’s New in Version 1.4.9

3.    Resolved defects since the prior version

Minor changes to internal notification messages.


What’s New in Version 1.4.8

4.    What’s New

This was the version released for beta testing.

5.    Resolved defects since the prior version




1.    How do I request an estimate for an Assistance Request?

When a user creates a new Assistance Request a ‘Request Estimate’ button is visible on the Detail page. My Domain must be enabled in the organization to see this button.  When the button is clicked your Assistance Request is sent to Artisan for estimation.

When the estimation is available the estimated time and cost will appear in your Assistance Request and buttons will be visible to accept or reject the estimation.

2.    How can I use Artisan Assist in a sandbox?

If you have Artisan Assist installed in your production org and then create (or refresh) a sandbox you will need to manually schedule the Apex jobs which poll for updates as the sandbox creation and refresh processes do not replicate Apex scheduled jobs.

You will not need to manually start the scheduled jobs if Artisan Assist is directly installed into a sandbox.

You can leave the jobs unscheduled and click the “Refresh Now” button to check for updates in each Assistance Request.

3.    How can I manually start the Artisan Assist scheduled jobs?

If you want to start the scheduled Apex jobs manually use the Developer Console to run these lines of Anonymous Apex

InstallContext cx = null;

assist.PackageInstallHandler pih = new assist.PackageInstallHandler();


4.    How can I manually stop the Artisan Assist scheduled jobs?

If you want to stop the scheduled Apex jobs use the Developer Console to run these lines of Anonymous Apex

UninstallContext cx = null;

assist.PackageUninstallHandler puh = new assist.PackageUninstallHandler();


5.    How can I get guidance or provide suggestions about improvements?

Please send an email to

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